Conditions, Waivers, How-To Instructions

To complete your online order and to pick-up your order, you:

MUST CHECK THE BOX: When your online cart reaches checkout, you will be required to check the box confirming you have read this contract document. 

MUST READ & SIGN: This is the contract requiring your signature at pick-up time (or the person you send to pick up the order will sign), so they should read this document also, as it is a great time saver. We will have a printed copy ready for your signature at pick-up time.


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TO BE POSTED VERY SOON - INSTRUCTIONS: The How-to Instructions, Tips, Hints, and Guidance regarding install and dismantle, packing and unpacking, are all here and will help you get your DIY rentals set up with ease. Please read! So many tips we've learned through the years, at your fingertips.