Is there a minimum spend amount?

- Yes.  Minimum order amount is $300 before taxes. 


How long is a standard rental?

- Your rental is for three days: pick up day, event day, return day. When booking, make sure to highlight in the calendar the desired 3 days.


When do I pick-up and return my items?

- Pick-ups are the day before your event, and returns are the day after. Occasionally, we will provide a free day before or after your event, so that you may be asked to pick up two days before and/or two days after event. 


Maybe it's better for me to pay a bit more and buy everything myself and then sell it after my event - why should I rent from you?

- You could do that, however, that means you must shop in person and online to find all the items, perhaps pay US dollars and shipping, remove packaging, clean/wash/iron, re-pack for transport to your event, then find buyers for your items. In the end, the amounts you paid out, plus the amounts you'll get back from selling, will wind up being approximately the same as our pricing, and all you had to do with us is reserve, pick up and return!


Do you provide delivery / pick-up service?

- Not at this time.  All bookings are curbside pick up at our Russell inventory location, and return to same location. Large driveway, easy in and out!


Must I provide identification to receive my order?

- Yes, 100% required.  When you pick up your order, you will be required to provide a government-issued form of identification.  A photo is taken.  No ID card or info is transmitted online, therefore your ID card remains protected.  Upon return of your order, your ID is deleted from our file (SD card).  We do not keep ID card information on file, nor online. 


Is there a security deposit?

- Yes, 100% required.  All orders require a deposit of 50% of their order total.  Minimum security deposit is $150, and maximum is $750.  Deposits are returned to your method of payment, either in full or minus the cost of any missing or damaged items. Payment of any damages or missing items beyond the maximum security deposit of $750 will be immediately required from renter. Orders greater than $1500 may require an add-on security deposit.


When do I pay the security deposit? 

- Payment of security deposit is provided on pick-up day, via credit card only at our location. Upon return of items, security deposit is immediately returned to your credit card, minus any damages or missing items. No cash, only credit card is used to hold security deposit. 


Are boxes and packaging part of the security deposit?

- Yes.  Our boxes and packaging are an important part of our business and should be kept in good condition, along with the actual items.  Missing or damaged/destroyed boxes will incur a replacement cost, depending on the box/container.


How can I pay?

- All order payments are online: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Interac, Apple Pay, Google Pay. 

- All security deposits are paid online at pick-up time at our location, and must be via credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Amex.


Can I pay cash when I receive my order?

- No. We do not accept cash payments. All deposits, payments, and returns of security deposit are online. There is no cash at our location.


Where do I pick-up and return my order?

- Our inventory location is in Russell, Ontario, approximately 20 minutes East of Downtown Ottawa.  Address and finalized details are provided to you via email in the week preceding your pick-up date.


Will I receive instruction on how to unpack, set up, dismantle my rental items?

- Yes! Please allow at least 15-25 minutes at pick-up time for loading of items into your vehicle, as well as instruction on how to unpack certain items, how to set up backdrops, how to pack up at end of event. We'll give you insider install tips and tricks for an easy set-up, as well as the requirements for packing up as not all items will come back the same way, i.e. linens, chargers, etc. 


I’m still not comfortable sending payment, who runs Curbside Bride?

- Curbside Bride is a division of Wedding Belles Decor, a full-service wedding decor, design and florals business in Ottawa, Ontario, founded in 2012 by Heather Stevenson. Heather also runs Curbside Bride! Meet the Owner here


I’m sold!  How early can I reserve my items?

- You can reserve your items up to 22 months in advance.


Can I change or cancel my order?

- Yes.  Please contact us to make changes to your order or to cancel. To note, every cancelled order or item will incur a 40% cancellation fee.


I need help deciding what I need, and I’m not sure about linen sizes. Can I speak to you about design? 

- Heather will be happy to help you decide what you need for your day, and can help you choose the size of linen to fit your venue’s tables.  Professional design advice is available to everyone booking on Curbside Bride!